Don’t get busted with an AI written resume! Here’s 11 ways employers are spotting them!

Mar 21, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Table of Contents

Don’t get busted with an AI written resume! Here’s 11 ways employers are spotting them!

  1. If your resume does not match your LinkedIn profile
  2. Your resume lacks performance measures, for example ,“exceeded sales quota by 24%”
  3. 75% of all employers claim they can spot AI generated resumes.
  4. 50% of all job seekers now use AI to write their resume.
  5. Many job search websites and platforms allow candidates to upload their resumes. AI-generated resumes might be flagged as such or simply blend in with other resumes.
  6. Recruitment agencies often use software to filter through resumes based on specific keywords or criteria. AI-generated resumes could be picked up in this process.
  7. Candidates may directly submit their resumes to companies via email or online application systems. If an AI-generated resume is not explicitly marked as such, it may be indistinguishable from a human-written one.
  8. At networking events or job fairs, candidates might distribute AI-generated resumes along with traditional ones. Recruiters may not immediately recognize the difference.
  9. Some companies use AI tools themselves to source and screen candidates. These tools might be able to recognize certain patterns or characteristics common to AI-generated resumes.
  10. Candidates often share their resumes on platforms like LinkedIn. AI-generated resumes could be posted here, where employers or recruiters might come across them.
  11. Employers will ask you in-depth questions at interviews. If what is on your resume is untrue, you may be in hot water.


While it’s becoming more common for AI-generated content to be used in various applications, including resume writing, there’s still a degree of scrutiny and human review involved in the hiring process to ensure that candidates meet the job requirements and cultural fit. For a free resume consultation please contact Tom Naylor (419) 902-1624 or [email protected]

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