How employers seek employees

Feb 7, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

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How employers seek employees.

Employers want to hire someone they know, preferably from their own company, even if that employee may only be working part time, from a temp agency or someone they have already worked with. It could even be the best friend of a co-worker.  What’s the first thing you hear from your boss when your company is  hiring “Hey does anyone know anyone that might be good for this position?”  This is the number 1-way employers find employees.  The Old Boys Club (I mean men and women) is still alive.  At the end of the day employers want to minimize risk and avoid spending money on training.

Employers want proof! Employers don’t care how talented you are, how funny you are, how smart you are.  If you can’t prove it, you have nothing.  If you’re in sales bring your sales records, if you’re an architect bring your drawings, if you are in production how many parts can you produce and how fast? Catch my drift? What looks better on a resume?

  • Created a positive atmosphere with fellow coworkers and increased productivity.
  • Managed 15 employees, increased productivity by 25%, resulting in 6 million in sales revenue.

Employers want to hire people that follow the rules!  If it says apply online, apply online!  If they direct you to an employment agency apply with them. Don’t try to short circuit the process,  do as you’re told when applying, that is what they want when you are working for them.

When employers find someone, they are  interested in, they look at  their social media profiles!  Google your name, what will you find?

Many employers will also use LinkedIn, in fact some employers will only let you apply on LinkedIn.

Keep in mind smaller companies will use free job posting sites like Craigslist, Handshake and Hubstaff talent.

In closing, see it their way, not yours.