Do you need a professional resume writer?

Jan 4, 2023 | resume advice, Resume Tips | 0 comments

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Probably not.  You most likely have all the tools, you know your job history, educational experience, and skills.  There are tons of instructional videos on YouTube, free resume templates, libraries and government work force agencies that can assist you.  Just follow the rules, make it one page, include key words, and have empirical evidence of success.  But with that being said it’s a  lot of work and if you don’t feel like taking the time or stress then hire one.

Before you hire a resume writer ask him/her what their placement rate is.  Any good resume writer should have at least a 90% placement rate.  In the resume world, you do not necessarily need to have a whole bunch of certifications.  If a resume writer has a high placement rate, descent reviews and industry knowledge, you’re fine.

What do resume certifications really mean?  Many certifications are nothing but pure, passive income money makers, especially in the resume business. I could do it!  Pay Tom Naylor $10.00 a month and he’ll give a gold star on a piece of paper, saying you have completed my course and it consists of a 15-minute video.

It might take a while.  If you are looking to have something done the next day or two, that’s not going to happen and any resume writer that says they can, definitely do not hire them.

How much should it cost?  Anywhere from $100 to $800 depending on the resume writers, placement rates, industry experience and most of all someone you feel comfortable with.