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Table of Contents

I did my research! Here are the most current resume trends! I didn’t go to school for 8 years of college for nothing!

Optimize your resume by using key words.  It’s easy, just google key words for your desired career and you will get results with identical key words, pick the top ten and enter them into your resume,  https://www.ziprecruiter.com/ is a favorite of mine.

If you need a job and are serious about it, your going to have to use some type of social media, at the minimum use https://www.linkedin.com/.  Let me say this, if social media is not for you and you don’t like it. Take a professional attitude towards it, it’s the way the world works, so do you want that great job or not?

Do you have a degree?  Go back to your educational roots and learn about what works, what is the truth and what is your objective?

Please keep your resume one page! Unless you are doing a federal resume, a medical doctor, college professor, athletic coach or  a very specific few.  Keep out silly and personal details, like my pet canary died when I was 12.

Show your achievements and empirical evidence of your success.  Money talks and bullsh** walks,  can you make your potential employers’ money?  First place is a new Cadillac, second place is a set of steak knives, and third place is your fired!

Clean up your social media! Are you holding a gun and smoking a blunt on your Facebook profile picture? The truth is, all major companies have staff whose sole job is to monitor social media.

Keep in mind finding a job is an exercise in frustration. You will not hear back, get a interview and not get hired and be flooded with employment emails.

If you took the time to read this much, thanks.  Text me at 419-902-1624 and say “read it!”