Top13 awesome reasons to look for a job during the holidays.

Nov 15, 2023 | Resume Tips | 0 comments

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Table of Contents
  1. There’s less competition.

    Need a job

    “Need a job”

    No one likes searching for a job during the holidays, so take advantage of it and be one of the few that do. Human Resources have a duty to hire year-round, including the holidays. Not to mention the natural attrition rate of people resigning or quitting before the new year.

  2. Networking opportunities. The holidays are times of company parties, re-connecting with old friends and starting the New Year off right, including careers. Reach out to your sphere of influence and let everyone know that you are looking for a new career.

  3. You may still qualify for the time off even when you are a new hire. If the company has paid holidays and a Christmas bonus, you’re in. Not to mention securing non-taxable benefits and a possible hiring bonus.

  4. If you have holiday time off, put it to good use

  5.  Take the time to update your resume, LinkedIn, Indeed Profile and most importantly, start applying for jobs.
  6. Increased Hiring Needs

    Building A Resume

    “Building A Resume”

    Some industries experience a surge in business during the holiday season and may need additional staff to meet the demand. Retail, hospitality, and customer service sectors often hire seasonal workers during this time.

  7. Less Competition:

    Many job seekers postpone their job search during the holidays, assuming that companies are not actively hiring. This can create an opportunity for you to stand out, as there may be fewer applicants for the positions you’re interested in.

  8. Need a Job?

    “Need A Job?

    Temporary or Seasonal Opportunities: Some companies hire temporary or seasonal workers during the holidays. While these positions might not be permanent, they can provide valuable work experience, additional income, and potentially lead to long-term opportunities.

  9. New Budgets and Initiatives: The start of a new fiscal year for many companies coincides with the beginning of the calendar year. This can lead to new budgets and initiatives, creating hiring opportunities that weren’t present earlier in the year.

  10. Demonstrates Initiative: Job hunting during the holidays can demonstrate your commitment and initiative to potential employers. It shows that you are proactive and dedicated to finding opportunities, even during a time when others might be taking a break from their job search.

  11. Faster Hiring Processes: Some companies may have quicker hiring processes during the holidays. With fewer candidates in the pipeline, employers might be able to make decisions more swiftly.
  12. Year-End Vacancies: Toward the end of the calendar year, some companies may have vacancies that need to be filled before the start of the new year. This could be due to budget allocations, restructuring, or other organizational
    Building A Resume

    Time for a new resume


  13. Preparation for January Surge: January often sees a surge in job postings as companies return to full operations after the holidays. By actively searching for opportunities during the holiday season, you can position yourself ahead of the curve and be ready to apply when new positions become available.
  14. Industry-Specific Trends: Depending on the industry, there may be unique trends or patterns during the holidays that create job opportunities. For example, the tech industry often sees increased demand for certain skills related to holiday sales, marketing, or tech support.

However, it’s essential to be mindful of the fact that not all industries or companies experience increased hiring during the holidays. Some may slow down their recruitment processes, and employees may be on vacation. It’s crucial to research the specific dynamics of the industry you are interested in and tailor your job search strategy accordingly.

Look at it like this, don’t be that person going to the gym after the first of the year, thinking that you are going to start good habits. The good people got there a couple weeks ago and will be in better shape before you will be. Not to mention you will get frustrated with the crowds, while the people that started  weeks ago are now enjoying an empty gym. They are waiting for you to go home.