Forty-six ways to stay unemployed!

Jan 25, 2023 | Resume Advice | 0 comments

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Table of Contents
  1. Poor appearance
  2. Overbearing, conceited attitude
  3. Inability to express self clearly; poor voice, diction & grammar
  4. Lack of career planning; no purpose or goals
  5. Lack of interested and enthusiasm; a passive indifferent manner
  6. Lack of confidence, or excessive nervousness
  7. Failure to participate in extracurricular activities
  8. Over emphasis on money
  9. Poor scholastic record
  10. Unwilling to start from the bottom
  11. Evasiveness; failure to be clear about unfavorable factors in record
  12. Lack of tact
  13. Lack of maturity
  14. Lack of courtesy
  15. Condemnation of past employers
  16. Lack of social understanding
  17. Marked dislike for co-workers
  18. Lack of vitality
  19. Failure to establish eye contact
  20. Limp handshake
  21. Indecision
  22. Unhappy married life
  23. Friction with parents
  24. Little sense of humor
  25. Sloppy application
  26. Evidence of merely shopping around
  27. Desire job short time only
  28. Lack of knowledge in field
  29. No interest in company
  30. Name dropper
  31. Unwilling to relocate
  32. Cynical attitude
  33. Low moral standards
  34. Laziness
  35. Intolerance/prejudice
  36. Narrow interests
  37. Evidence of wasted time
  38. Poor handling of personal finances
  39. No interest in community activities
  40. Inability to take criticism
  41. No appreciation for experience
  42. Radical ideas
  43. Tardiness to an interview
  44. Not thanking for an interview
  45. Don’t ask questions about the job
  46. Indefinite responses to questions

My father-in-law was in the social work business, he wrote this in 1978.