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Here’s how to avoid them!

Firstly, check your resume, does it have your full name, birthdate, address, and phone number?  That’s about all scammers need to steal your identity.  Name, city of origin, email, phone number and LinkedIn address is sufficient.

Do your research on the companies.  Do they have a physical address? Phone number? Someone you can actually talk to? Does the company name and website match?

Look for key words like “scam” or “review” after entering the company name.

Some scams will want to hire you right away and ask for your banking information to process your pay, and of course you end up being ripped off.

Never pay for training materials, useless certifications, background checks, and the like, it’s a sure sign of a scam.

Look out for companies that advertise for making large amounts of money right away.

Receiving numerous texts, emails, IMs from one company.

Everyone wants to make great money, work from home 20 hours a week, and be your own boss. So does everyone else, scammers know this too.

Look out for companies that create urgency and make you want to commit immediately.

If you decide to use a staffing agency, never pay them, all reputable staffing agencies require no fees.

Look for grammatical errors, poor sentence structure and vague contact details.

Here are some of the top employment scams:

Work at home

Data Entry

Re-shipping items

Stuffing envelops


Government Jobs

Job Placement

Social Media

Fake email job offers

Mystery shopper

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